The Europe Regional Network (ERN) is a community of over 20 national Green Building Councils, 9 Regional Partners, and more than 4,600 members across Europe. Green Building Councils in the ERN, are from both EU and non-EU countries.

Regional activities include networking leaders; assessment and certification; awareness-raising; skills and capacity building; financial and economic incentives; and policy and regulation.

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Insights and Innovations:

Advancing Net Zero


Advancing Net Zero are three one-hour webinars are targeted at building practitioners aiming to deliver net zero buildings and decision-makers aiming to set carbon targets or a net zero strategy for their company.

The course covers the following topics:

  • What is a Net Zero Carbon Building?

  • What Are Scope 3 Emissions in the Built Environment?

  • What Does Leading Action on Net Zero Look Like? 

Green mortgages - regional project


Homebuyers across the EU could be offered better borrowing rates on mortgages in return for purchasing more energy efficient homes or committing to implement energy-saving work within properties. Project is pioneered by a unique partnership of banks, property valuers, energy efficiency businesses and utility providers.

WorldGBC's Europe Regional Network, in cooperation with the Energy Efficiency Mortgage Action Plan EeMAP initiative have published a report in that tackles how Europe should finance the building of an energy efficiency revolution needed to slash the 40% of Europe’s carbon emissions that come from its buildings – a staggering 97% of which are inefficient.

Sustainability management in construction



Danish Green Building Council offers training for project managers in the construction industry. Learn how to:

  • Add value to the project

  • Handle the opportunities and challenges included in the new role

  • Deliver in accordance with the new service description

  • Plan and Structure the work using different tools

  • Communicate the Value of Sustainable Action and Engage Customer and Project Organization


National Renovation Strategies


Through the WorldGBC BUILD UPON project, 13 Green Building Councils in Europe played a leading role in helping national governments to create strong and robust ‘national renovation strategies’ that will help their countries unlock the energy-saving potential in their buildings.

Build Upon 2 logo.png

BUILD UPON publication contains recommendations in the form of actions for how their countries can deliver the level of ambition needed on existing buildings that will meet the Paris Agreement. They were developed by the 13 Green Building Councils involved in BUILD UPON, through the project’s major collaborative process involving nearly 2,000 key organisations at 100 events across Europe.

BREEAM - International Brand


BREEAM methodology is used by many regional GBCs as a basis for their sustainability label. The ‘Environmental Assessment Method’ of buildings was originally developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), a British research organization, hence the name BREEAM. BRE has had more than 100,000 buildings certified and operates in 15 different countries.

National Scheme Operators translate the International version of BREEAM and make it applicable to their country. For example, some criteria might be irrelevant in a certain country, because it’s already standard building practice or regulated. There are differences in the various international schemes, but they are still comparable and valued similarly. 

Green Building Councils in Europe

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