Rafræn málstofa um markmið GBC á Norðurlöndum 27/05/21

1. Our sector as a solution to the Paris Agreement
by/ Katharina Th. Bramslev CEO, Norwegian Green Building Council

2. Nordic collaboration for low carbon construction
by/ Matti Kuittinen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of the Environment, Finland

3. Marked initiatives and common practice in our countries
Snapshots by CEOs from the green building councils in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland

4. Low carbon dwellings in Iceland

by/ Benedikt Ingi Tómasson, General Manager Vistbyggð

5. Concrete goes low carbon in Denmark

by/ Jan Søndergaard Hansen, Managing Director, Unicon A/S

6. Lidl Visby and Noll CO2- why and how?

by/ Mattias Tas, Sustainability Manager, Lidl