World Green Building Council

Green Building Council (GBC) is a non-profit organization and is a global network leading the transformation of the built environment for a healthier and more sustainable living. Green Building Council Iceland is one of the 70 country members of World GBC collectively accelerating actions to deliver the ambitions of the Paris Agreement aiming at eliminating emissions from buildings and construction sector by 2050. 

GBC provides courses to its members and other organizations on how to reduce construction emissions, create healthy ambient air quality, imbed circular economy model in construction and manufacture, etc. Besides, GBC offers a range of activities and events on global and local scales where communities can take part in creating a greener future.


Plant a Sensor is a global air quality campaign led by the World Green Building Council, in collaboration with RESET and our partners at the Wilson Centre and the Earth Day Network. The campaign champions the worldwide roll-out of air quality monitoring devices in and outside of buildings.

World Green Building Week 


World Green Building Week is an annual campaign that motivates and empowers GBC and stakeholders to deliver greener buildings. World GBC is calling on the building sector, policymakers and governments to take urgent action to deliver net zero buildings. They are also calling on them to provide a showcase for those leaders already taking action to show where, why and how they are achieving it. 

Increasing Ambition and City Scale Action on Buildings

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World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), The Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA), the World Resources Institute (WRI) and C40 cities held a BEA Regional Workshop in Bogotá, Colombia in 2019. The workshop focus was on countries in the Latin America and helped to understand the critical importance to push ambition towards a future of net zero carbon buildings as a common vision for cities.

International Sustainable Cities Congress,

Green Building Expo


CICS is Green Building Council Costa Rica's annual conference on green buildings. The programme's focus in 2020 is "Local Action-Global Impact” 

The included topics are sustainable lifestyles, smart cities, resource efficiency, society, decarbonization, mobility, public space, design, sustainable buildings, circular economy, smart cities and many more. The three-day program fosters forward-thinking through plenaries, scientific sessions, workshops and training sessions.