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Byggjum grænni framtíð - Roadmap towards sustainable construction 

Following Iceland's climate action plan, the public road map towards sustainable construction was introduced as a result of a joint project between the government and construction sector stakeholders (Byggjum grænni framtíð  - Let's build a greener future), including the Green Building Council Iceland.

The road map includes goals and a set of actions to reduce the carbon emissions of construction activities. The actions are divided into six main categories:

  1. Building materials.

  2. Construction stage.

  3. Building use stage.

  4. End of life stage.

  5. Planning and design.

  6. Incentives and other means to encourage change.

The project management board consists of representatives from the Green Building Council Iceland, the Industry Association, the Road Administration, the Environment Agency, the Union of Icelandic Municipalities, the Ministry of Social Affairs, and the Housing and Construction Authority (HMS). Þóra Margrét Þorgeirsdóttir from HMS is the project manager. More information can be found on the BGF website.

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