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Construction and demolition waste


GBCI received a grant from the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate through the Housing and Infrastructure Agency to work on the mapping and preparation of guidelines on the possibilities of using construction waste. The project is part of action 4.2. in the Icelandic roadmap to ecological construction (Byggjum grænni framtíð). GBCI got VSÓ Ráðgjöf on board to do the analysis.

The results of the research project can be seen below (in Icelandic).


Planning and guidance on the utilization potential of construction waste


In cooperation with the celandic Civil Engineering Agency (Mannvirkjastofnun), Green Building Council Iceland (GBCI) launched the project on the preparation of guidelines for the handling of construction and demolition waste. GBCI and  Mannvirkjastofnun were responsible for project management, and the project was realised in cooperation with EFLA, VSÓ Consulting, and Verkís.

The project results can be seen below.


The circular economy and the construction industry (in Icelandic)


The guidelines for the management of construction and demolition waste (in Icelandic)


Construction and demolition waste mapping 

(in Icelandic)


The assessment of hazardous substances in construction and demolition waste and a plan for their treatment (in Icelandic)

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