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Other documents

→ Review of the updated action plan of the City of Reykjavík regarding climate matters (28/01/2021). Document in Icelandic.

Review of the updated climate action plan (01/10/2020). Document in Icelandic.

Comment on the climate-related action plan (01/10/2020). Document in Icelandic.

→ Comments to the housing matters group on social sustainability and environmental priorities (10/01/2019).Document in Icelandic.

Comment on a meeting with Minister of Transport and Local Government Sigurður Inga Jóhannsson (11/2018). Document in Icelandic.

Comment on incentives to increase the number of green buildings. Document in Icelandic.

Icelandic summary of the World GBC Report on Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront (2020). Document in Icelandic.

The draft target plan of the BoardDocument in Icelandic.

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