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  • Nordic GBC Network | Grænni byggð (GBCI)

    Nordic Green Building Councils Network To strengthen the transition of Nordic countries to more sustainable, together with Green Building Council (GBC) Denmark , GBC Finland , GBC Norway , and GBC Sweden , we established the Nordic Green Building Councils Network (Nordic GBC Network). We realise our goals by, among others: - organising Nordic Green Building Council Conferences in 2011, 2013, and 2015; - realising the Nordic Urban Development project (2014-2015) aiming at creating the framework for sustainable urban development; - realising the Nordic Guide to Sustainable Materials project (2014-2015) aiming at creating guidelines on sustainable, functional criteria for building materials , which included specificity of the Nordic construction market (e.g., materials, production methods, practices used, legislation, and market drivers). - organising educational and professional webinars: > Nordic GBC Webinar #6: Nordic Sustainable Infrastructure Webinar (13/09/2023); > Nordic GBC Webinar #5: Circular Economy in the Real Estate and Construction Sector (03/10/2022); > Nordic GBC Webinar #4 : Resilience and Climate Adaptation (19/01/2022); > Nordic GBC Webinar #3 : Renovation of buildings and the Circular Economy (30/09/2021); > Nordic GBC Webinar #2 : How can we half emissions from construction in two? (27/05/2021).

  • BREEAM_2022 | Grænni byggð GBCI

    BREEAM - An cost-benefit analysis of sustainable building certificates About the project Many stakeholders in the construction market do not fully understand the overall benefits of sustainable building certificates in Iceland and have requested data and information in this regard. The project aims to meet that need by mapping the success, benefits and costs of certification systems and increasing knowledge of the systems' advantages and disadvantages . It is hoped that in this way, it will be possible to further contribute to the increase in the number of certified construction projects. Overview The project is twofold: 1. A stakeholder analysis focusing on their experiences with sustainability building certificates – BREEAM and Nordic Swan 2. Analysis of greenhouse gas emissions through LCA – BREEAM certified and non-certified. ​ It is also planned to add LCC analyses, where the lifetime costs of certified buildings are compared to the lifetime costs of non-certified buildings, and that part will be done in collaboration with Verkís . The project received a grant from the Icelandic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate.

  • Roadmap towards sustainable construction | Grænni byggð GBCI

    Byggjum grænni framtíð - Roadmap towards sustainable construction Following Iceland's climate action plan , the public road map towards sustainable construction was introduced as a result of a joint project between the government and construction sector stakeholders (Byggjum grænni framtíð - Let's build a greener future), including the Green Building Council Iceland. The road map includes goals and a set of actions to reduce the carbon emissions of construction activities. The actions are divided into six main categories: Building materials. Construction stage. Building use stage. End of life stage. Planning and design. Incentives and other means to encourage change. The project management board consists of representatives from the Green Building Council Iceland, the Industry Association , the Road Administration , the Environment Agency , the Union of Icelandic Municipalities , the Ministry of Social Affairs, and the Housing and Construction Authority (HMS). Þóra Margrét Þorgeirsdóttir from HMS is the project manager. More information can be found on the BGF website .

  • LCA | Grænni byggð GBCI

    Life cycle assessment (LCA) Life cycle assessment (LCA) is used to evaluate a product or service's local and global environmental impact over its lifetime or "from cradle to grave". More precisely, the overall environmental impact is analysed, so the one occurring at all stages of the ecosystem or across the entire value chain, i.e. due to the acquisition of raw materials, production, use and disposal. The framework and methodology of performing LCA for buildings are presented in the EN 15978 standard (Sustainability of construction works - Assessment of environmental performance of buildings - Calculation method). According to the standard, the LCA results are presented for five main phases, and each phase is identified with a letter and serial number: The following software can, for example, be used to create an LCA for buildings: One Click LCA - Simple LCA calculations in the design phase of buildings Danish LCAbyg - From Denmark: Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut, Aalborg Universitet Copenhagen Green Delta’s OpenLCA – From GreenDelta in Berlin, Germany Life cycle costing (LCC) Often, Life-cycle costing (LCC) is performed together with LCA. LCC is used to analyseall the costs incurred during the asset's lifetime (e.g., product, service, building). The considered costs are, among others, purchase costs and costs associated with that (e.g., delivery or installation costs), operation costs (e.g., energy or fuel costs, maintenance costs), and end-of-life costs (e.g., disposal or recycling costs). LCC can also include the asset's residual value, so potential revenue from its reuse or sale.

  • Our members | Grænni byggð GBCI

    Green Building Council Iceland members in 2022 The following companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals are members of Green Building Council Iceland: 1st Category 2nd Category 3rd Category 4th Category - Arnhildur Pálmadóttir - an architect at Studio Arnhildur Pálmadóttir; - Finnur Sveinsson - environmental scientist at Visthús; - Hildur Ýr Ottósdóttir - an architect at Ydda arkitektar; - Magnús Jensen - an architect and chairman Miðgarðs byggingarfélags; - Sigríður Maack - an architect at Arktika ehf.

  • EPDs - Byggingarkubbar | Grænni byggð GBCI

    Environmental product declaration (EPDs) - Building blocks in Iceland PAGO Durisol D365 Standard Block FRAUÐSTEYPA EHF Unreinforced AAC building block

  • EPDs - Sement og múrblöndur | Grænni byggð GBCI

    Environmental product declaration (EPDs) - Cement and masonry mixtures in Iceland AALBORG Aalborg Rapid Cement AALBORG Aalborg White Cement SCHOMBURG Schomburg Aquafin IC Schomburg ASOCRET-KS/HB Schomburg Lightflex SCHOMBURG Schomburg Aquafin 1K Schomburg Asocrete M30 Schomburg ASOCRETE- VK30 Schomburg ASOCRET-VK100 Schomburg Fúgusement Schomburg Soloflex Schomburg Soloflex - Fast Schomburg SOLOPLAN 30 Schomburg Unifix S3

  • Viðburðir 2022 | Grænni byggð GBCI

    Past events - 2022 Morning meeting - emission-free construction sites 15/12/2022 In this morning meeting, emission-free construction sites were discussed. There was a presentation on work package 4 in the Nordic Sustainable Construction project, which relates to emission-free construction sites. The Ministry of Infrastructure is responsible for that part of the project and is working on it in collaboration with Green Building Council Iceland (GBCI) and the Housing and Infrastructure Authority. GBCI's staff discussed the system boundaries of the site and solutions, but the emphasis was on discussions and a dialogue between stakeholders. The conversation was rich in knowledge, and therefore the discussion part of the morning meeting has been included in the published recording. ​ Slides are available here . Morning meeting - The design process of the kindergarten in Urriðaholt 25/11/2022 At the meeting, Hulda Jónsdóttir , owner and architect at HJARK , presented the design process of the kindergarten in Urriðaholt. The presentation was in Icelandic. ​ The kindergarten will be located at Holtsvegur 20 and will accommodate up to 120 children. The kindergarten's design process focused on ecological solutions, and Hulda, among other things, reviews this process considering the requirements of Nordic Swan Certification. The building will be made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) on concrete foundations. Reception of construction waste 25/11/2022 The Icelandic Industry Association (Samtök iðnaðarins ) and the Contractors' Association (Mannvirki – félag verktaka ) hosted a meeting on the reception of construction waste. You can find the recording here . The meeting was held in Icelandic. The heating supply - is there always enough? 17/11/2022 Samorka held a morning meeting on the heating utilities and the state of the geothermal resource and reserves. It was also reviewed how the government can support the sustainable development of heating systems. ​ You can access the recording of the meeting here . Carbon footprint of construction - priorities and actions 16/11/2022 Landsvirkjun , Vegagerðin and Isavia , held an open meeting on the carbon footprint of construction and how to minimize it (including what actions are needed). ​ You can access a recording of the meeting on the Facebook page of the event . 03/11/2022 Morning meeting - Design and implementation of Brákarborg This morning meeting discussed the design and implementation of the structure that won the Green Shovel in 2022 - the Brákarborg kindergarten in Reykjavík at Kleppsvegi 150-152, owned by the City of Reykjavík. Gyða Mjöll Ingólfsdóttir and Sólveig Ingimarsdóttir gave the presentation on behalf of the City of Reykjavík, and they both work in the construction and maintenance office of the City of Reykjavík. Gyða Mjöll is project manager for environmental affairs and Sólveig is project manager for new buildings and also project manager for construction. The presentation was given in Icelandic. There are many things that are exemplary in the reconstruction of Brákarborg. The goal setting of the project was ambitious, both in terms of the community activities and results in environmental matters. During design, a life cycle analysis was used and a comparison was made of the environmental impact of building materials, and the choice of materials was then based on the results. The building is BREEAM certified for design and construction, so the follow-up will confirm the sustainability goals. The building houses important social services, but the site can also be used by those who live in its immediate vicinity. The concrete structure was used continuously, and thus the carbon footprint of the building was kept to a minimum. ​ Green Building Day 2022 30/09/2022 The annual Green Building Day was held in IÐNÓ this year on Friday, September 30, 2022. The event began with 12 interesting professional talks given by experts in sustainability in the construction sector. After the presentations, Ragnar Ómarsson, the Chairman of the GBCI board, gave the Green Shovel Award for the first time. Over 130 participants took part in the event. The event was held in Icelandic. ​ The Facebook event can be found here. ​ Agenda: Moderator : Kristjana Ósk Jónsdóttir ​→ Byggjum grænni framtíð: Staða á aðgerðum á ábyrgð HMS sem eru komnar af stað (Þóra Margrét Þorgeirsdóttir, Team leader of the Innovation team , Húsnæðis- og mannvirkjastofnun); → Umhverfisvænasti fermeterinn - Sóknarfærin í samfélagslega ábyrgum rekstri eignasafns FSRE (Guðrún Ingvarsdóttir, CEO , Framkvæmdasýslan-Ríkiseignir); → Þegar núllið verður ætlunarverkið – vegferðin í átt að vistvænni steypuframkvæmdum (Sigríður Ósk Bjarnadóttir, Environmental affairs director, Hornsteinn); → Góðir hlutir gerast (of) hægt (Brynjólfur Bjarnason, Business manager and member of the sustainability committee, Íslandsbanki); → Nýr sjálfbærnisrammi í framkvæmdum (Jón Kolbeinn Guðjónsson, Head of the Faculty of Engineering, Isavia); → Sjálfbærnivegferðin hjá Regin. Hvernig náum við hámarks árangri sem fyrst (Helgi S. Gunnarsson, CEO, Reginn); → Viðbrögð við loftslagsbreytingum (Íris Þórarinsdóttir, Environmental manager, Reitir); → Ártúnshöfðinn - BREEAM vottað hverfi í Reykjavík (Ólöf Kristjánsdóttir from Mannvit – f.h. Reykjavíkurborgar ); → Lágmörkum lífsferilsáhrif virkjana (Jóhanna Hlín Auðunsdóttir, Director of Climate and Green Solutions, Landsvirkjun); → UAveiro green buildings – Dæmi um hringrásarhagkerfi í byggingariðnaði (Ragnar Ómarsson, Expert in the sustainability of structures, Verkís); → Hvernig skilar hönnun lægra vistspori í mannvirkagerð – dæmi frá EFLU (Þórhildur Fjóla Kristjánsdóttir, Energy and environmental engineer, EFLA); → Umhverfisvæn hús í Urriðaholti (Benedikt Ingi Tómasson, Executive director, Vistbyggð). Project meeting of the Nordic Sustainable Construction project in Oslo 07/09/2022 On September 7, the Nordic Sustainable Construction project meeting was held. Green Building Council Iceland is responsible for work package 4 (Emission-free Construction Sites), and the scope of the work package was presented at the meeting. ​ More about the project can be found here . Byggjum grænni framtíð. Roadmap to green infrastructure 2030: Emissions, targets and actions 08/06/2022 On June 8, an event was held organized by Byggjum grænni framtíð about the publication of the 2nd and 3rd parts of the 2030 Environmental Roadmap . Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Minister of Infrastructure, and Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson, Minister of the Environment, Energy and Climate, addressed the guests. Áróra Árnadóttir, CEO of Green Building Council Iceland, and Þóra Margrét Þorgeirsdóttir, project manager of Byggjum grænni framtíð (Build a green future), gave a talk on the roadmap after the two ministers' speeches. The event was held in Icelandic. ​ More information about the road map can be found here . The program can be found here . ​ A recording of the event can be accessed here . Morning meetings 02-05/2022 The first meeting (16/02) was on green building certification systems. The presentations (in Icelandic ) can be found here: Svanurinn BREEAM ​ The second meeting (16/03) was about the circular economy and was held in collaboration with KLAK Icelandic Startups. The presentations (in Icelandic ) can be found here: Hringiða Hringrásarbyggingar SORPA ​ The third meeting (28/04) was combined with the Annual Green Building Council Iceland Meeting. Bridge engineer, Andri Gunnarsson, presented the example of using Icelandic timber in an outdoor bridge over the Þjórsá river. The presentation summary can be found in the meeting minutes (point 6; meeting minutes are in Icelandic ). ​ The fourth meeting (18/05) was on the concrete. The presentation (in Icelandic ) can be found here: Hornsteinn ​ Annual Green Building Council Iceland Meeting 28/04/2022 The Annual Green Building Council Iceland Meeting took place on 28th April at 15:00 in the Verkís lecture hall. In addition to the traditional general meeting activities, the following was on the agenda: → a new project manager introduced the CIRCON project; → the winning proposal from the idea competition for the Green Shovel prize was presented; → Andri Gunnarsson, bridge engineer at EFLA, presented the use of Icelandic timber in a bridge over Þjórsá river. ​ Minutes of the general meeting can be found here (in Icelandic ). Forum on improved energy efficiency in buildings 31/03/2022 OR / Veitur and Green Building Council Iceland held a seminar on the responsible use of natural resources and reducing energy waste. ​ Live video on Facebook can be found here . ​ The event was held in Icelandic. Nordic GBC Webinar #5: Circular Economy in the Real Estate and Construction Sector 10/03/2022 The event was organised within Nordic Green Building Council Network and was held in English. Agenda: ​→ On the importance of Circular Economy (Green Building Council Finland) ; ​→ Introducing the Nordic Network for Circular Construction (Matti Kuittinen, Ministry of the Environment of Finland) ; → State of the Art Analysis on Circularity in the Nordic Construction Sector (Sabine Barth, WSP) ; → How to work with Circularity – New Handbook by the City of Copenhagen (Jens Runge, Chief consultant & head of sustainability) ; → Practical Examples from the Field : - Regional Circularity (Sigríður Ósk Bjarnadótti) ; - Reusing concrete slabs in commercial construction (Henning Fjeldheim, Skanska Norway) . Nordic GBC Webinar #5 Nordic GBC Webinar #4: Resilience and Climate Adaptation 19/01/2022 Live video hér : This webinar was organised within the Nordic Green Building Councils initiative in cooperation with IĐAN Educational Center. Experts in the Nordic countries educated us about the dangers posed by climate change in the Nordic context and climate adaptation of the built environment. The event was held in English. ​ Agenda: ​→ Climate changes in the Nordic countries - The IPCC report and how climate change will act out in the Nordic hemisphere (Dr Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, Professor of Geophysics, University of Iceland)) ; ​→ Potential impact on the built environment and infrastructure - How the effects of climate change differ between regions (Miisa Tähkänen, Expert in a sustainable built environment, GBC Finland) ; → Scenario Analysis in Climate Related Risks & Opportunities - A scenario approach to baselines for assessment of actions towards resilience and climate adaption (Sigurður Freyr Jónatansson, Expert on financial stability, the Central Bank of Iceland) ; → Climate change adaption in a man-made environment : - Climate Adaption for urban rainwater & sewage systems (Dr Kim Haukeland Paus, Engineer, Asplan Viak) ; - Sankt Kjeld’s Square and Bryggervangen, a case study (Alexandra Vindfeld Hansen, Landscape architect and Head of SLA’s R&D division sLAB). ​ Nordi GBC Webinr #4

  • Become a member | Grænni byggð GBCI

    Subscribe to our mailing list Become a member Membership categories for 2022: 1st Category - 665.000 ISK/year, 6 votes at the general meeting 2nd Category - 400.000 ISK/year, 4 votes at the general meeting 3rd Category - 133.000 ISK/year, 2 votes at the general meeting 4th Category - 25.000 ISK/year, 1 vote at the general meeting, support membership for individuals As a Green Building Council Iceland (GBCI) member, you are part of a group of ambitious professionals and enthusiasts for increased environmental focus in the construction industry and planning. 90% of GBCI members are somewhat or very satisfied with their membership 90% of the members believe that GBCI fulfil its role well 96% of the members would recommend GBCI membership Thank you for submitting! Senda By becoming a member you: - get discounts at events; - you become a role model; - your company takes an active responsibility in environmental matters; - you can increase your knowledge about environmental issues; - you get opportunities for networking; - you support professional work and discussions on environmental issues in construction and planning; - your company can be an active participant in Green Building Council Iceland's projects, professional groups and events; - your company can influence the work and strategy of Green Building Council Iceland. Our members Donations and grants Contact us if you are willing to support our organization with individual grants. The individual grants go to the Green Building Council Iceland's projects. ​ ​You can also make a direct donation to our account: Kennitala number: 460510-1550 Bank account number: 0537-26-460510 Reference: Donation

  • Documentation | Grænni byggð (GBCI)

    Documentation The bylaws of Green Building Council Iceland can be found here. Annual and financial reports, work plans (in Icelandic) 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 Annual report Annual report Annual report Annual report Annual report Annual report Annual report ​Annual report Annual report Annual report Annual report Annual report Financial report Financial report Financial report Financial report Financial report Financial report​ Financial report ​Financial report Financial report Financial report Financial report Financial report Annual meeting Annual meeting Annual meeting Annual meeting Annual meeting Annual meeting Annual meeting Annual meeting Annual meeting ​Annual meeting ​Annual meeting Annual meeting Founding meeting Work plan Work plan ​ ​ Board meeting minutes (in Icelandic) 2022 01/2022 02/2022 03/2022 04/2022 - 01 | 04/2022 - 02 05/2022 - 01 | 05/2022 - 02 06/2022 09/2022 10/2022 2023 01/2023 02/2023 03/2023 04/2023 05/2023 05/2023 08/2023 09/2023 11/2022 12/2022 2018 08/2018 09/2018 -01 | 09/2018 - 02 10/2018 11/2018 12/2018 2019 01/2019 02/2019 03/2019 05/2019 2020 01/2020 02/2020 03/2020 04/2020 05/2020 06/2020 08/2020 10/2020 11/2020 2021 01/2021 02/2021 03/2021 04/2021 05/2021 06/2021 - 01 | 06/2021 - 02 08/2021 10/2021 11/2021 12/2021 Other documents → Review of the updated action plan of the City of Reykjavík regarding climate matters (28/01/2021). Document in Icelandic. ​ → Review of the updated climate action plan (01/10/2020). Document in Icelandic. ​ → Comment on the climate-related action plan (01/10/2020). Document in Icelandic. ​ → Comments to the housing matters group on social sustainability and environmental priorities (10/01/2019). Document in Icelandic. ​ → Comment on a meeting with Minister of Transport and Local Government Sigurður Inga Jóhannsson (11/2018). Document in Icelandic. ​ → Comment on incentives to increase the number of green buildings. Document in Icelandic. ​ → Icelandic summary of the World GBC Report on Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront (2020). Document in Icelandic. ​ ​ → The draft target plan of the Board . Document in Icelandic.

  • Flokkun byggingarúrgangs | Grænni byggð GBCI

    Umhverfis- og flokkunarhandbók BYKO

  • EPDs - Veggklæðningar | Grænni byggð GBCI

    Environmental product declarations (EPDs) - Wall coverings in Iceland ALUCOBOND Alucobond 3A Composites GmbH ISOPAN Sandwich panels with steel facings and expanded polyurethane or polyisocyanurate insulating core KME KOPARINN TECU® Oxid copper sheets and strips VM ZINC ALPOLIC Alpolic Composite Panels KME KOPARINN TECU® Bronze copper alloys sheets and strips KME KOPARINN TECU® Patina copper sheets FALZONAL Falzonal aluminium outdoor panels KME KOPARINN TECU® Classic copper sheets and strips VM ZINC ANTHRA-ZINC QUARTZ-ZINC PIGMENTO

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