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World Building Council


The Green Building Council Iceland is a member of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) since November 2018. WorldGBC is an umbrella organisation of over 70 Green Building Councils around the world enabling its members to work closely on reducing emissions from the building and construction sector by 2050. 

If you want to know more about the WorldGBC and its activities, courses, and events, click here.


Europe Regional Network

WorldGBC network is divided into five regional networks as different regions face different challenges. We are a part of the Europe Regional Network (ERN), gathering not only European Green Building Councils but also key regional partners from the construction and materials sector, and thousands of other members.


The ERN's mission is to ensure that sustainability is embedded across the whole sector value chain by leveraging the power and knowledge of our network to transform the European buildings market.

To know more about ERN activities, click here.


The meeting of the European Regional Network for Green Building Councils in Europe attended by the former Green Building Iceland's board chairman Gyða Mjöll Ingólfsdóttir

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