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Green Building Council Iceland

Green Ivy from the Roof

The Green Building Council Iceland (GBCI) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) established in 2010 to encourage sustainable construction by inspiring and empowering people to work for the common goal of creating a healthy, sustainable built environment that promotes well-being for all.

We realise our mission on multiple fronts by:

- promoting environmental awareness and green action planning for the building and infrastructure sector;
- lobbying authorities to pass legislation that will direct the market in a more sustainable direction;
- educating, connecting, and motivating stakeholders involved in the urban planning and building sector. 

As one of over 70 members of the World Green Building Council, we share the goal of catalysing the uptake of sustainable built environments with the Green Building Councils' network. The main areas of our focus are:

- decarbonisation of the built environment;
- supporting resources regeneration by promoting circular economy principles in the construction sector;
- encouraging a built environment that delivers healthy, resilient, and sustainable constructions.

Currently, our organisation has about 55 members working towards their goal of making the building sector an active player in creating a more sustainable future and a healthier society.

Summary of our activities in three main areas:


→ We produce and publish diverse educational materials.

→ We participate in various research and development projects.

→ We organise and participate in educational events, panel discussions, and public meetings on sustainable construction.


→ We encourage market players to contribute and show social responsibility in action.

→ We encourage the public sector to reward projects that meet certain environmental requirements with economic incentives.

→ We promote the circular economy to be used as a guiding principle in the design, construction, and operation of buildings. 


→ We bring together people from all over the community with the goal of sustainability in the local environment.

→ We actively cooperate with our sister organisations, especially in the Nordic countries, through projects and events.

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