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BREEAM - An cost-benefit analysis of sustainable building certificates

About the project

Many stakeholders in the construction market do not fully understand the overall benefits of sustainable building certificates in Iceland and have requested data and information in this regard. The project aims to meet that need by mapping the success, benefits and costs of certification systems and increasing knowledge of the systems' advantages and disadvantages. It is hoped that in this way, it will be possible to further contribute to the increase in the number of certified construction projects.

Green Buildings
Green Buildings


The project is twofold:
1. A stakeholder analysis focusing on their experiences with sustainability building certificates – BREEAM and Nordic Swan
2. Analysis of greenhouse gas emissions through LCA  – BREEAM certified and non-certified.

It is also planned to add LCC analyses, where the lifetime costs of certified buildings are compared to the lifetime costs of non-certified buildings, and that part will be done in collaboration with Verkís.

The project received a grant from the Icelandic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate.

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