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About the project

Nordic Networks for Circular Construction  (NNCC) is a two-year project aiming at accelerating the implementation of circular economy principles in the Nordic construction sector. It is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
The project consists of six work packages of which GBCI and the Housing and Construction Authority of Iceland (HMS)  work towards realising Work package 6: National Fora. Other work packages deal with, among others, analysing the barriers and possibilities in implementing a circular economy in Nordics and metrics for circularity. 

Discussion on Office Balcony

Work package 6: National Fora

One of the crucial parts of sustainable and circular construction development is sharing know-how and hands-on experiences along the entire chain of construction stakeholders. This is often realised by the so-called national fora (networks) consisting of the cross-section of the construction sector. Therefore, one of the goals of Work package 6: National fora is creating such a network in Iceland to facilitate spreading the knowledge on circular construction, especially focusing on the Icelandic and Nordic context, but not excluding European and global state-of-the-art solutions. 

Additionally, workshops with various stakeholders would be organised to strengthen the implementation of a circular economy in Nordic construction. At these workshops, the findings on the barriers to adopting circular construction (Work Package 2: Analysis of Barriers and Possibilities) will be presented, and possible solutions will be discussed to define further steps necessary to accelerate the implementation of circular construction.

Main objectives

> Creating the network on circular construction in Iceland to facilitate sharing of know-how and hands-on experiences among Icelandic and foreign construction sector stakeholders;
> Defining further steps necessary to accelerate the adaptation of circular economy in Nordic countries. 

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